d60b8332274424b3d4b108ad1b0f405e I’m a mediator, blogger, speaker, attorney, Christian, husband, and father. And certainly not in that order of importance. During my career, I’ve had the opportunity to represent a lot of different people in a lot of very different circumstances. A lot of interesting things come across my desk, and I want to share them with you. Views expressed are my own and don’t represent the views of my employer or anyone else.



  • Past President, Association for Conflict Resolution–Dallas
  • Past Chair, Dallas Bar Association’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Section
  • Former Board Member, Dallas County Dispute Resolution Center
  • Past President, Texas Association of Mediators
  • Council Member, State Bar of Texas’ Alternative Dispute Resolution Section


  • Conflict Resolution Network (SMU-Legacy)
  • Legal Assistants of North Texas Association
  • State Bar of Texas Paralegal Division
  • Wichita Falls Society for Human Resource Management
  • Montgomery County Society for Human Resource Management
  • El Centro College
  • Association of Attorney-Mediators (Dallas Chapter)
  • Texas Association of Mediators
  • Sam Houston State University
  • University of North Texas (Dallas)
  • Texas Woman’s University
  • Huntsville Independent School District

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